Completed Painting for Page Middle School!

Last August I was commissioned by a friend to do a painting for her 7th grade science class. She’s a first year teacher at Page MS (which is an at risk school, ie: dropout rates are high) and she wanted to do something special to show her kids how much she cares (it’s really sweet of her). I haven’t spoke to her in awhile to see how her first year teaching is going but last time I did things seemed to be going better (yay!). It must be extremely challenging to teach children, especially in those circustances. So, my respect to all you educators out there! If you ever need some classroom decoration I give special discounts to teachers.
The concept was pretty simple; she wanted a large painting of outer space and a child (non-gender specific) to be blowing bubbles and the bubbles would be the planets of the solar system. Numbers were later incorporated into the design and we decided to exclude some other elements. This is the finished painting. It took around 10-20 hours over the course of about 2 weeks. I worked on it everyday before work. This is my first post so stay tuned for more, I’ll try to update as I get more projects completed.
6’x3′ Acrylic on Canvas