Do Penguins Have… A Book Release?


In two more weeks my book Do Penguins Have Pediatricians? is officially released! It’s about penguins and other antarctic/arctic animals. It’s even got a wolverine! I’m really excited about this one and I had a ton of fun making the art for it,  I really can’t wait to share it with the world. If you enjoyed Did Dinosaurs Have Dentists? then I think you’re going to love this one.

Everything just came together very nicely and my vision for the book was absolutely clear to me this time around; I didn’t even have to send the publisher or author any sketches or storyboards because it was trusted I knew how to handle the story (although I still made them for my own visual process and sent them  along to the author). I was given a lot of freedom to just do what I do and I think the results turned out fantastic! Schiffer even let me have creative control to design much of the book itself (end papers, bio page, back cover, etc). When I designed the image for the back cover I added somewhat of an easter egg. Can you find it?

I couldn’t be more grateful to all the folks at Schiffer for letting me work on it and also Patrick O’Donnell for trusting me with his wonderfully funny children’s books. Really am stoked about this cute sequel and hope you are too! Follow the link if you’d like more info, and as always, thanks for reading!