The Twig Book Shop Signing

Today was my big book signing event at The Twig Book Shop and it was a blast. I made some coloring pages that were directly from the books and brought them along with me because there was an extra event happening right outside the store. Storytime teller Miss Anastasia was hosting a Screen Free Day allowing kids the opportunity to disconnect from all of their devices while promoting activities such as reading, playing, and coloring. There were several different stations with different activities and mine was, you guessed it, coloring and drawing! Every child could go to each station and participate in that activity, when completed, they got a stamp, sticker, or checkmark and proceeded to the next station. We had a lot of fun at my station as kids could flip through my book and pick their own page to color. I just posted the ones I was able to take a picture of before they ran off (there were several children coming and going at once) some of the little artists let me keep their artwork.

Big thanks to Miss Anastasia and all the folks down at The Twig Book Shop!